He could just see it at the far end of his vision. The dust being kicked up as it ran gave it away. Slowly settling the cross hairs on it he could make out the shape of the Dune Runner. “Gonna eat well tonight,” he thought to himself as he tried to get his lead. Exhaling slowly his finger tensed on the trigger. As he increased the pressure he felt it, the claw stabbing into him. Before he could react it was over just another casualty in the wastes.

Teluira is a world that suffered a cataclysm at the end of a great war almost 1000 years ago. The world was pushed to the brink, but the few survivors managed to hold on and start the long road to rebuilding. The world is harsh, but the first signs that it will survive have shown through. It is into this world the players a thrust, with a chance, a slim chance to change everything.

Teluria- The Fractured World

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