• Cael Anvilhammer

    Cael Anvilhammer

    Elder of the Anvilhammer Brother's, owner of Anvilhammer Caravan Company.
  • James Warick

    James Warick

    22 year old Argoth 6ft 160lbs short brown hair with blue eyes.
  • Mordal Anvilhammer

    Mordal Anvilhammer

    de facto constable of the trading caravan
  • Samara Payne

    Samara Payne

    Dr. Smythe's faithful assistant
  • Stroud


    At 5’-9” and 250lbs this brawny man is sometimes mistaken for Argoth. His skin is naturally golden, but has now become a ruddy red color from his long exposure to the sun of the waste. Stroud wears tan leathers and a meticulously cared for long leat