Baldrek Anvilhammer


Baldrek Anvilhammer, patron of the Anvilhammer clan, was known as one of the finest alchemists in Hollavor. He was also a prominent member of the Mercantile Guild, helping to guide the growth of the guild. Baldrek was instrumental in helping to establish several of the main caravan routes and the licensing of these primary arteries of commerce.

As fate would have it, not everyone was happy with the development of these routes and the idea of licensing caravans. Several caravan masters had made themselves small fortunes by charging exorbitant fees to customers with little or no options. In addition, there were political tensions associated with the development of these trade routes…old tensions and animosities roiled just below the surface for many.

Baldrek was truly a brave Quargoth, for he didn’t flinch in the face of adversity and hostility, which he found plenty of when he started to work with a Valasian merchant , Jedidiah Black (Erumeldir Kor in his native language). Jedidiah was every bit the visionary that Baldrek was, and each knew that the establishment of the trade routes and the normalization of relations between the city states was the key to a peaceful and prosperous future for all of Telious.

One particularly brutal band of caravan thieves were threatened by the changes Baldrek and Jedidiah were making in territory that the thieves considered their own little fiefdom. The merchants were ambushed on their way to finalize a trade route agreement with a medium-sized settlement on the edge of the wastes along the southern edge of the Baracoch Mountain range.

The battle was fierce, the Quargoth and Valasians fighting side by side to stave off the marauders, and the sand ran red with blood that day. In the end, the merchants were victorious although not without paying a heavy cost. In a frenzied panic, the last bandit ran toward Jedidiah’s wagon, swinging a torch wildly above his head. One of the guards took aim and put the wild-eyed thief down, but the still burning torch fell into a pile of black powder and the ensuing explosion rocked the entire caravan. Baldrek ran to his friend’s wagon, fearing the worst. He found his friend under the burning wreckage of the wagon. Beaten, bloody, and barely breathing Jedidiah was crouched protectively over his young son, Mordecai.

As the Valasian drew his last breath, Baldrek swore to look after the boy as if he were his own. The Quargoth was good to his word, and on his deathbed decades later he looked up to the young Valasian man he had come to love as a son and said, “Mordal, look after your brother.” With a nod, the young Mordal bid his adoptive father farewell.

Baldrek Anvilhammer

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