Cael Anvilhammer

Elder of the Anvilhammer Brother's, owner of Anvilhammer Caravan Company.


See the character sheet on my site at the link below. The current listing of the Caravan’s equipment is also listed. If someone wants something put in the wagons let me know and I will update the list.

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Cael Anvilhammer, Eldest son of Baldrek Anvilhammer, Eldest son
of…you know I’m really not in the mood for these formalities. My
life started the day my father died. I was no longer bound to his will
in the ways of the Quargoth, I could make my own life, do whatever I
wanted. And that is what I did. I used the money I got from selling my
fathers alchemist shop to fund my first expedition. I hired my younger
brother, Mordal for protection as he’s always been the brute of the
family. On the way to the site, an underground ruin thought to have
been some military bunker during the war but it wasn’t confirmed, we
ran into another explorer, Warick. Warick is an Argoth and wanted to
find some knowledge about the war. We went our separate ways after
sharing a camp for the night but we sabotaged some of his equipment to
make sure we’d get a lead on him; but it didn’t help much. The lead we
got allowed us to reach the site first but we couldn’t get through the
door. A few hours of explosives and acid later, Warick showed up and
we came to an agreement that any info gained would go to him and we
would split the loot evenly. However, once we discovered the
treasures, we knocked out the Argoth and his team and took everything
for ourselves. They survived and since then we have had a sort of
‘friendly rivalry’. No one ever gets hurt and hell, we’ve even saved
each other’s lives occasionally when we run into a common threat but
we both work hard to get what we want. After a few jobs I started my
own caravan and signed up with the Merc Guild to start trading. We
sell whatever we find and whatever we can make and our goods are not
always perfect but we try to cover our tracks whenever we sell
‘questionable’ items. We still take jobs to find artifacts and even go
off in search of ruins and treasure whenever we get the chance. On one
such occasion we were asked to head into the wastes. The job was to
find some city ruin and bring back whatever we found. The job was
paying well so we weren’t about to pass it up and the client was high
profile enough not to double cross so we hired a Perentie guide to
help us through. Turned out this particular Perentie wasn’t one of the
big ones, one of the smaller smarter ones; one of the Hairo, and he
definitely lives up to his servant heritage; actually managed to talk
me into a discount. After the job I hired him on full time to be our
front man and business almost doubled and we set up a bunker just
inside the waste to hold our valuables that we are sitting on or are
too valuable to bring with us.

Cael Anvilhammer

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