Choi Chang Shu

Choi Chang Shu is currently the sheriff of Terouss


Choi Chang Shu is an Akai Perentie that left his tribe. After leaving he traveled the world for several years. During his travels he learned much about the world outside his tribe. He came across Morgan Darksen, a sheriff from Terrous, at the hands of the bandits he was pursuing. Choi wasted no time and entered into the fray saving Morgan’s life. On the way back to Terrous with the leader of the bandits in tow, Choi and Morgan had a long time to talk. By the end of the trip he and Morgan had become strong friends and on their return Choi was made a deputy.

Choi served as Morgan most trusted deputy for several years. He enjoyed his work and over time gained the trust and support of many people in the city. He was content with his job and was even planning to retire in a few years. One of Morgan’s deputies plotted to kill Morgan while Choi was out of town. He returned just in time to uncover the plot, but Morgan was wounded before he could stop it. Morgan lost his leg and the attackers were brought to justice. Upon Morgan’s recommendation the town council promoted Choi to sheriff. It took a little while but the citizens ultimately accepted him and he has been successful ever since.


Choi Chang Shu

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