Adaharrah Sethek

Seth, the frontman and appointed scout of the ACC.


Adaharrah’s character sheet is on my website as well, link below.


Adaharrah ‘Seth’ Sethek is the scout and salesman for the Anvilhammer Caravan Company. He works directly for Cael Anvilhammer and answers only to him unless the caravan is under attack; in which case he defers to Sheriff Mordal, whom he calls Sheriff and has appointed himself Mordal’s deputy. He is an accomplished story teller and embellishes everything; a skill that helps sell the caravan’s treasures. When not selling wares Seth is either in the tavern regaling the patrons with wondrous stories or around the campfire tinkering with a ‘never used only dropped once’ SLR Camera, trying to get it to focus correctly; he refuses any help given and one would probably lose a hand if you got near it.

Adaharrah Sethek

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