At 5’-9” and 250lbs this brawny man is sometimes mistaken for Argoth. His skin is naturally golden, but has now become a ruddy red color from his long exposure to the sun of the waste. Stroud wears tan leathers and a meticulously cared for long leat


Name: Stroud
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Armor Class:17
Hit Points:41

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 11

Fortitude: 6
Reflex: 4
Will: 3

Climb: 3
Handle Animal: 2
Intimidate: 5
Knowledge: (dungeoneering)
Knowledge: (engineering)
Profession: 3 weapon maker
Survival: 5

The crossbowman has perfected the deadly use of the crossbow, a simple but cruelly efficient weapon, as a craftsman mastering a lethal tool.

Deadshot (Ex): At 3rd level, when a crossbowman attacks with a crossbow as a readied action, he may add 1/2 his Dexterity bonus (minimum +1) on his damage roll. This ability replaces armor training 1.

Improved Iniative
Two Weapon Fighting
Double Slice
Weapon Focus
Weapon Specialization
Exotic Weapon profiency

Double Crossbow
2 Master Work Machette
Heavy Revolver
Leather Duster

For the first twenty years of his life Stroud learned the ways survival in the wastelands. His father was his faithful companion and mentor. They spent little time in the cities and only venturing in to resupply when necessary. 5 years ago on one such excursion into the city everything changed. A man all in black decided he wanted Stroud’s; father’s rifle. He shot him 5 times in the chest and then politely turned and shot Stroud in the gut, as he attempted to stop the man. As Stroud lay dying beside to his father, the man just took the weapon and walked away.

Stroud died that day literally. He was dead and measured for a pine box. He just simply woke up a few hours later. He simply got up and disappeared back into the waste. No one can explain it, one ancients said it because of the strange energies flowing around these days. Whatever the reason, Stroud doesn’t care. This second life will not be wasted though.

Over the last five years he’s honed his skills, sold his talents as both a guide and hunter. He’s been a guard and a bandit. All the while he has haunted for the man who killed both he and his father. The last 5 years have turned up 5 names:
Gideon Nomak
Thoma Trill
Forsythe William
Sheldon Corey
Lancer Kyle
Stroud figures now is as good as a time as an to make his way into these cities and see what he can find.

Over the last 5 years Stroud has become extremely deadly with a crossbow as well as perfecting his talent with firearms.


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