Character Creation

Build Points

Characters will be built using point buy. All abilities start at 10 and the player will have 30 points to spend and can start with no ability less than 7 or greater than 20 before racial adjustment.

Ability Score Costs

Score Points Score Points
7 -4 14 5
8 -2 15 7
9 -1 16 10
10 0 17 13
11 1 18 17
12 2 19 21
13 3 20 25

Starting Characters

Starting Level

All players will start at level 4.

Starting Gold

All players will start with 6,000 gpe to purchase equipment. Players may not start with any magical weapons, armor or equipment unless approved.


Not all classes are allowed

Class Allowed Source
Barbarian Yes Core Rulebook
Bard Yes Core Rulebook
Cleric 2 No Core Rulebook
Druid 2 No Core Rulebook
Fighter Yes Core Rulebook
Monk 1 Yes Core Rulebook
Paladin 2 No Core Rulebook
Ranger Yes Core Rulebook
Rouge Yes Core Rulebook
Sorcerer Yes Core Rulebook
Wizard 2 No Core Rulebook
Alchemist Yes Advanced Player’s Guide
Cavalier No Advanced Player’s Guide
Inquisitor Yes Advanced Player’s Guide
Oracle Yes Advanced Player’s Guide
Summoner 3 No Advanced Player’s Guide
Witch Yes Advanced Player’s Guide
Magus No Ultimate Magic
Gunslinger Yes Ultimate Combat
Ninja 1 Yes Ultimate Combat
Samurai 1 Yes Ultimate Combat
  1. These classes are generally restricted to Perentie
  2. Magic has not advanced on Teluria to the point that prepared casting has been developed
  3. The strength of the Reality Barrier is such that summoning creatures from other realms/plans does not happen

Inherent Bonuses

Teluria is a low magic world. Inherent Bonuses provide characters with a replacement for having large numbers of Magic Items. The bonuses gained at levels do not stack with magic items. A character must choose whether to use the bonus provided by the item or their inherent bonus. Other affects still operate as normal.

For example a player with a +1 Flaming sword would get the flaming damage, but would choose whether to use the +1 for attack and damage or their Inherent Bonus.

Attack and Damage Bonuses by Level

Bonus Level
+1 2 nd
+2 6 th
+3 10 th
+4 14 th
+5 18 th

Save and Defense Bonuses by Level

Bonus Level
+1 3 rd
+2 7 th
+3 11 th
+4 15 th
+5 19 th


Argoth The most common language on Telious.
Valasian A variation of Argoth. It has changed enough to be a different language.
Quargoth The native Quargoth language is descended from the language of the Quaroth. It is not as rough as the original.
Perentine-Akai Very difficult language for outsiders to learn. This is the language spoken at court.
Perentine-Hairo Somewhat easier to learn, but still difficult for non Perentine. This is the language most commonly spoken by the people.
Perentine-Trade A language created to make it easier for Perentine to communicate with others for trade. They have some difficulty with other languages.

Guild Languages

Informata A language rarely spoken outside the guild. It is used mainly to record the history of the guild. It is a combination language and cypher.
Mertan The language of the Mercantile Guild. Next to Argoth it is the most common language spoken on Telious.
Artafice The language of the Artisan Guild. It is used mainly to record information, protect techniques etc. Not generally spoken.


Character Creation

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