Current State

Teluria is in a fragile state. Survival of the races of Teluria is not guaranteed and the coming decades will have a dramatic effect on the world. Telious is the largest continent and has the most advanced civilizations. The recent development and deployment of railroads has had a dramatic impact on trade and has started bringing the cities closer together.
Telious is at a level of technology equivalent to the 1870s of the United States. The one area where society has not advanced is in water travel. Basic boats for crossing rivers are known, but travel between continents by ocean is not available. There have been no caches discovered with information on ocean travel, and there has not been a large need, so each continent is isolated.

The styles and attitudes are similar to the 1870s as is the general independence of the people. The city states are a mix of governments ranging from an early form of democracy to fully inherited rulership. The people fight for control from the guilds, bandits and the strange energies that have affected the world.

In the last few years the reports of ghosts and other apparitions has increased. This is taken by some that the reality barrier is degrading further and by others that people have learned to tap into these energies. Most people dismiss this as phantoms or the fanciful imaginings of people. To date the existence of ghosts and undead in the world is generally dismissed.

Overall the world is at a tipping point, if society continues to advance and evolve then the future of Teluria is secured. If forces conspire to foster war between city states, hatred between people and overall fear then society could collapse and the people of Teluria would be doomed.


Current State

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