The Economy on Telious is based on barter and trade. All prices are Gold Piece Equivalent (gpe) to make it easy to assess the cost of equipment. Each of the City States has established their own currency and within the City most everyone accepts it. There is an ability to exchange currency within each city state, but the exchange rates are highly volatile and not always tied to economic reasons. The areas outside the city are pretty much exclusively trade and barter.

Players will decide how much of their wealth is carried in trade goods and how much is in the currency of any given city state. This is meant to be an abstract approach and so the exact trade goods are not important just knowing how much is in each bucket is.

The Currencies

The currency in Terrous is the Dahlsim. It is the most stable currency and will usually be accepted in the other city states.

The currency in Alfarna is the Alran. It tends to be very stable. It is also the perferred currency of the Informan Guild and gets the best exchange rate when setting up Letters of Credit.

The currency in Merachi is the Heradon. It tends to fluctuate wildly based on whether the other city states are trusting Heradox or not.

The Mercantile Clan has their own currency the Maraxe, but it is not generally accepted in the city states or outside the clan.

Letters of Credit

The Informan Guild is slowly working its way to becoming the main banking interest on Telious. They are housed in Alfarna and use the Alran as their main currency. They have offices in all the city states and even in some of the larger towns out beyond the city states. They have a service where they will exchange currency and provide Letters of Credit that can be used to retrieve cash in other cities.

The person, who wants to exchange their cash for a Letter of Credit, goes to an Informan Guild office with their currency. If the currency is the Alran there is a flat fee of 2% of the amount being converted to a Letter of Credit. If it is another currency it is a 5% fee and the bearer will be repaid in the currency that he converted to a Letter of Credit. Letters of Credit are very secure. In addition to forgery protections, there is a special process used that ties the letter to the person. This generally prevents someone other than the bearer from redeeming the letter. The guild will keep the funds after 12 months if the bearer has not checked in or redeemed it. There is a 1% fee of the remaining balance if the bearer does not redeem the full amount to handle updating the letter and the necessary records to reflect the balance change.



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