Telious is the largest contient on Teluria.

Roaravan Wastes

The Roaravan Wastes are a large desert in the center of the continent. It is an unforgiving place with powdery fine sand that is easily picked up by the sudden windstorms. The desert is home to the Perentie and they seem to be the only ones that can navigate the desert reliably.

Baracoch Mountains

The Baracoch Mountains, a large mountain range, which forms the western boundary of the Roaravan Wastes. The complete range extends around the northern and southern boundaries of the desert as well. It is a large forbidding range that is extremely rugged and difficult to navigate.
The Quargoth call an area on the western edge of the mountains home. The Varalin Plateau has a large fresh water lake, Kilavor Lake that feeds a river allowing for the transport of goods to and from the city.

Wareovan Plains

The Wareovan Plains is the largest grasslands on the continent. Terrous is located in the southern end of the plains. The plains are responsible for most of the food production on the continent.

Bay of Elchan

The Bay of Elchan is a large bay on the North West coast. It is an impact crater that was created by a large weapon detonation during the war.

Mount Toratar

Mount Toratar is a large active volcano near the east coast.

Varalin Plateau

The Varalin Plateau is located in the western end of the Baracoch Mountains. It is one of the only flat places in the mountain range. It is the location of Kilavor Lake.

Kilavor Lake

Kilavor Lake is a large fresh water lake that dominates the Varalin Plateau.


Terrous is the largest city state on Telious. It is home to Terrous Armory. It is the only free city state on Telious.


Alfarna is a stronghold of the Informan Guild. The city is ruled by Lady Arabeth Jorsen Head Mistress of the Informan Guild.


Merachi is the northern most city state on Telious. It is home to The Mercantile Clan. It is ruled by Lord Marcus Heradox.

Terrous Armory

The Terrous Armory is the largest manufacturer of firearms on Telious. It is located in Terrous city and has supplied weapons to the Terrous Militia for a number of years. They were the first to apply mass production principals to firearms. They have recently introduced two new advanced firearm types, the double action revolver and the lever action rifle. Their lead designer, John Browning, has been gaining notoriety for the new designs. The custom shop has gained a reputation for producing some of the finest firearms on the planet.


Hollavor is the largest Quargoth city and the center of the Quargoth civilization. It is built into the mountains and sits above the mines the Quargoth operate.

Billasten Forges

The Billasten Forges are located in Hollavor City. They are the most well-known forges in Telious. They produce some of the finest weapons on Telious.



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