During the years leading up to the final battle with the Quaroth, Argoth scientists gained a new understanding of their reality and the fact that their hyperspace drive technology did not just side step the laws governing faster than light travel, but that the drive actual opened a portal into a space in between dimensions that did not have the same rules. They referred to the force that kept these spaces separate as the Reality Barrier. After the Theta bomb attack, they noticed that the barrier had weakened. In areas where the bombs where set off, strange energy signatures started to appear, strange sightings were reported and other clues seemed to indicate that other dimensions energy may be bleeding into Teluria.

For the first one hundred years after the Quaroth left, the Argoth worked to survive. The survivors, scattered across the planet, formed small groups that fought daily to survive the changing planet. The final attack by the Quaroth had been brutal and left little for the survivors. The few surviving government installations were the secret labs that had been located deep beneath the surface, but the rest of the government and military had been wiped out.

The surviving scientists turned their attention towards assessing the damage that had been done and insuring the survival of the Argoth. The global communication network was still active and made it possible for the various installations to continue to communicate and share information. During this time they began to understand the changes to the Reality Barrier and the arrival of magic in the world. They also began to create caches of information and materials that would be essential to the survival of everyone on Teluria. They were able to do much before the ravages of time took its inevitable toll. The foresight and action of those that survived left a foundation that insured the very survival of many.

Society Reborn

Over the next couple of centuries, people began to move past simply surviving and began rebuilding. First, small scale communities sprang up around natural resources and then they started trading with neighbors. After the first caches were discovered, society began to advance a more rapid pace. Within the last two centuries, cities have begun to grow up around Zero Point Energy sites, the last vestiges left from the time of the ancients.

These energy sources coupled with information found in caches, allowed the rebuilding of cities to begin. At first people were hesitant and the cities grew slowly, but over the decades the cities started to become the center of trading on Telious. The scattered settlements were linked together for the first time with the cities in the center. As the importance of trade increased, so did the influence of the cities. This took several centuries but eventually the cities came to dominate.

Rise of the City States

Within the last century firearms have appeared, as have the first manufacturing plants. Trade routes have become formalized and within the last decade the first railroads have been established. The largest cities on Telious have formed a loose coalition, but are still independent. The trade deals have led to a new sharing of ideas and technology, but also rivalries between the city states.

The largest city states are Terrous, Hollavor, Merachi, and Alfarna. These states wield considerable power and influence within Telious. They are aligned with the three guilds that are responsible for most commerce on the continent. The Treaty of Wareovan established the confederation and formalized the existence of the guilds. The three guilds are The Mercantile, The Artisans, and The Informan.

The city states and guilds have brought stability to Telious and a sense of peace and prosperity. The alliance is fragile and only decades old, but it has already withstood several tests. The future of Telious rests with these groups and their ability to continue to function.



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