The Guilds

The Guilds of Telious have risen in influence and power over the last two centuries. They have grown to control a large amount of commerce and trade within the continent. They have introduced the start of a banking system to the continent and faster intercity communication with the new Lexigraph system.

The Informan Guild

The Informan Guild started as the Informan Messaging service two centuries ago. They provided rapid communication by messenger on horseback to the continent. This business has proved very lucrative and they have had near monopoly ever since. They have recently started testing an electronic means of communicating between the cities. The first communication has been setup between Terrous and Alfarna.

In addition to communications, the Informan Guild has started branching out into banking. They were the first to establish currency conversion in the city states. In recent years they have started issuing letters of credit so people can travel without having to carry large sums of cash. They have made deals with the governments in each of the city states to allow them to do this. This is establishing the basics of a banking system on the continent.

The Informan Guild has a strict hierarchy and is currently headed by Lady Arabeth Jorsen. The guild’s strong leadership structure allows it to adapt quickly to changing situations and has allowed it to exploit new opportunities quickly. The guild leadership is promoted from within based on those who show the most promise and initiative. This has worked very well for the guild to date.

The Mercantile Guild

The Mercantile Guild started as a loose confederation of shop owners that banded together to get better pricing. The merchants’ success led others to seek to join the confederation. Over time the membership grew to the point that the lose organization no longer worked. After several false starts the guild was organized like a corporation. Each member had stock that was assessed based on the value of his business. This gave each member representation proportional to the value they contributed. The membership then elected the leadership of the guild.

Over time the guild began to coordinate pricing to protect the membership’s margins and enter into exclusive arrangements with manufacturers that would lock out independents. They began to license caravans and as a result of all their actions they came to control trade on Telious. Today the guild controls most trade between the city states as well as deals with main manufacturers. There are a few independent groups that try and compete with the guild, and have varying degrees of success.

The Chairman of the Guild is currently Barnabus Sage. He has been in charge for the last three years. During this time he has expanded the guilds influence and made a trade deal with the largest independent trading company. This has led to a relatively peaceful year or so between the trading caravans. The future for the guild looks good and their influence continues to spread.

The Artisan Guild

The Artisan Guild original grew out craftsmen banding together to protect their pricing from the increased power of the Mercantile Guild. Originally this group was mainly craftsman, but has grown to include manufacturers, miners and others that created goods. The gild also manages apprentice programs for those looking to enter a specialized craft. The guild is present in all the major city states and does a good job of looking after its members interests.

The guild has a hierarchical structure that is split into groups. Each group has requirements for moving from level to level and each group has a representative that sits on the ruling council. The groups are the Craftsmen, which includes blacksmiths, weaponsmiths and any others that work in the traditional crafts. The next group is the Manufacturers. This group includes the workers and owners of the factories that mass produce goods. The Miners cover all the operations that gather process and sell raw materials to the Craftsmen and Manufacturers. The newest group is the Transports. This group is fighting with the Mercantile Guild to get control of rail operations and other types of shipping.

The current leader of the guild is Victor Bladewind a master weaponsmith. He is the first Quargoth to ever lead the guild. This has caused some amount of tension within the guild ranks but to date this has not led to any conflict. Under his leadership the guild is continuing its plans to expand the guilds influence and keep contracts fair with the Mercantile Guild.


The Guilds

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