Time Of The Ancients

The time of the Ancients, is the period before the cataclysm that was unleashed on Teluria. The Argoth were masters of a galaxy spanning empire and at the zenith of their power. Their need to expand, push their boundaries ever further led to an expedition into the frontier. This expedition encountered the Quaroth, and advanced race that was unknown to the Argoth. This encounter led to war between the two great empires.

The Quaroth were far advanced to the Argoth and had an easy time sweeping them from the galaxy. The Quaroth were a militaristic society that expected and gave no quarter in battle. They destroyed every colony the Argoth had established. The Quaroth goal was the eradication of the Argoth from the universe to serve as a warning to others. This continued for a decade. During that time the adaptability of the Argoth showed as they learned Quaroth tactics, advanced their own technology, and developed a ferocity never seen before as they realized they were fighting for their very existence. This allowed them to slow the Quaroth advance and prepare a defense of the home world.

The Grand Quaroth Fleet entered the Telurian System and massed to launch the final attack against the Argoth. In preparation for the attack and invasion, the Quaroth sent units of Quargoth, the result of breeding experiments using Quaroth and captured Argoth. These units could pass for Argoth and were used in reconnaissance and sabotage ahead of the attack. The Argoth, their backs to the wall, readied their final defense and waited the fleet’s inevitable attack.

The Quaroth followed their normal pattern and launched an all-out attack on Teluria committing the entire fleet. Admiral Vartach wanted to end the war with one finally decisive blow. The Argoth defense was fiercer than anything the Quaroth had encountered before. In the first five minutes, the Quaroth flagship was lost and by the end of the day half the fleet had been destroyed and only a small landing force had established a beach head on the western end of Telious, the main continent of Teluria. For the next year the battle was a stalement, the Quaroth could not make gains on the planet and the Argoth did not have the means to engage the rest of the Quaroth fleet. Finally the order was given to use Theta bombs. These weapons eliminate living creatures, but leave infrastructure intact. The Quaroth view them as a weapon of last resort, but they could not accept anything other than total victory over the Argoth. In one night, the Quaroth launched raids all over the planet launching Theta bombs at the major cities and installations of the Argoth. This attack destroyed over two-thirds of the population of Teluria in one night and gave the Quaroth the victory they sought. Their victory was short lived, as the Quaroth that had been on Teluria began to die. Their scientists had not anticipated that the Theta Bombs would have an impact on Teluria’s atmosphere. The Quaroth could no longer breathe on the planet’s surface, but the Quargoth were unaffected. The decision was made to leave Teluria as victory had been achieved. As a parting gift the Quaroth destroyed the major cities and installations on the planet and left the Quargoth and Argoth to their fate.


Time Of The Ancients

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