Melee Weapons

Weapon Weapon Cost Dmg Critical Range Weight Type Special
Saber (Martial) 20 gpe 1d6 18-20/x2 - 3 lbs. S +2 Mounted
Machete (Simple) 10 gpe 1d8 x2/x4 - 4 lbs. S Improvised/Exotic
Colichemarde (Martial) 25 gpe 1d8 18-20/x2 - 2 lbs. P +1 CMD/Disarm

Colichemarde: The Colichemarde is the ultimate expression of the fighting blade. When the first swords were forged in Teluria, the Colichemarde was the example they had. The Colichemarde is a compound sword that has a thinner thrusting blade at the end and thicker at the base for parrying.

Machete: The machete is an improvised weapon that started out as tool. A fighting style using the machete has been developed. When a player has the Exotic weapons proficiency in the Machete it allows the Machete to be used as a weapon.

Sabre: The sabre is the ultimate in carnation of the curved blades. It was designed to be used from horse back as well as on foot.



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